Date Event
Dec 3, 2008 SOPA Media Insiders – “Making Waves with Breakthrough Research: A Stakeholder Forum
Aug 27, 2008 SOPA Media Insiders – “SOPA Media Research: A Stakeholder Forum
Jul 16, 2007 “The Future of print Publishing in the Digital Age”
Oct 26, 2006 Power of Print Presentation Singapore
Oct 24, 2006 Power of Print Presentation Hong Kong
Apr 25, 2006 Making Money Online: “The METRICS matters”
Mar 15, 2006 Regional Print had a glorious past. What does the future holds?
Nov 5, 2005 The China Publishing Experience:Secrets of survival from the experts
Nov 5, 2005 Does Design Matter? How to stand out from clutter & Simplify complex information
Sep 16, 2005 Free Newspapers: A threat to PAID Newspapers?
Jun 10, 2005 An Intimate session with Don Brown
Apr 25, 2005 Professional Training Series: TIME (Michael Elliott)
Feb 28, 2005 Professional Training Series: Financial Times (John Ridding)

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