Message from the Chairman of Editorial Awards sub-committee

Since the SOPA awards for editorial excellence were launched in 1998 the number of entries has grown every year. We reached 300 entries for the first time in 2005, topped 400 in 2006, reached 500 in 2007, and received more than 600 this year. The geographical scope of the awards is growing too: this year we have received a significant number of entries from India for the first time, and we hope next year to extend our range to Australia and New Zealand.

This rapid rate of growth reflects increasing interest around the region in raising journalistic standards, together with growing acceptance of the concept of a benchmark of excellence underpinned by SOPA's commitment to free speech and professional integrity. We hope that these qualities will continue to attract growing numbers of entries in the years to come.

The awards are the result of almost a full year of planning and co-ordination by dedicated volunteers and the SOPA Secretariat. I would like to thank the staff at the Secretariat, the Editorial Awards sub-committee members and the judges who donated their time to ensuring the success of the 2008 Awards. I would also like to extend special thanks to David Plott, the head of judges, who ensured that the judging process was conducted with the highest standards of journalistic integrity.



Kevin Brown

Chairman Of Editorial Awards Sub-committee