Rules and FAQ

2010 Awards FAQ



Q1. Are online publications eligible to enter work into all categories?
Q2. Is there a separate category for awarding online work?
Q3. What advice do you have for entrants?
Q4. Can non-SOPA members enter the awards?
Q5. Will you announce finalists for the awards?



Q1. What do we need to submit with each entry?
Q2. What should the nomination letter say?
Q3. Can the entry forms and nomination letters be in Chinese?
Q4. Must we submit five originals for each entry? Can we submit copies instead?
Q5. What is the criteria for entering in the various groups (A, B and C)?
Q6. Can publications in languages other than Chinese and English participate in the awards?
Q7. Can publications in Group B apply to be judged in Group A and vice versa?
Q8. How many entries can we submit?
Q9. How many articles or photos can be submitted as part of each entry?
Q10. Do sidebars count against the five-article limit in entries?
Q11. We're very busy. Can we get an extension on the entry deadline?
Q12. Are there any special rules governing the submission of entries from online publications or independent online ventures? Do we need to submit hard copies of online work for assessment purposes?
Q13. We’re a newly launched magazine with only two issues published. Can we enter the awards?
Q14. Can we submit photographs that have also appeared in other magazines?



Q1. How does the judging process work?
Q2. Will awards be given in all categories?



Q1. Can work done principally from outside Asia-Pacific be entered? What about joint-venture articles where one reporter is in Asia-Pacific and one reporter is outside the region?
Q2. Can translated articles be entered in the awards?
Q3. Is work from Afghanistan/Iraq eligible for entry?
Q4. Must entries in the Excellence in Opinion Writing category be written by the publication's staff, or can they be from outside contributors?
Q5. Can opinion pieces be submitted in categories other than for Excellence in Opinion Writing?
Q6. What kind of photos is eligible to enter in the Excellence in News Photography category?
Q7. What kind of articles should be entered in the Excellence in Reporting Breaking News category?
Q8. What kind of articles should be entered for The Scoop Award?
Q9. Can entries comprise both online and print articles and photographs?
Q10. Will there be a single Journalist of the Year award, or one in each of the three classes A, B and C?
Q11. Can we nominate three reporters for the Journalist of the Year award?
Q12. Are a series of special sections or issues eligible for the Excellence in Special Coverage category? Can we submit a regular issue or an entire magazine dedicated to a specific topic?


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