The Local Journalist Award

Local Journalist Awards - English-language

Publication: South China Morning Post - "Journalist: Didi Kirsten Tatlow"

- She tackled some tough subjects and really drew you in. The articles were well written and researched.
- Hard-hitting and in-depth reporting"
- She went after sensitive and complex subjects and nailed them - in the reporting and the writing. She brings strong reportorial and narrative skills to her investigations of China's dark corners.

Local Journalist Award - Chinese-language

Publication: ¨È¬w¶g¥ZYazhou Zhoukan

Journalist: ¦¿¨³ Jiang Xuen

- Jiang has mined a treasure trove of 1st-hand materials and demonstrated real insight into the censorship issue on the mainland. Reporting is outstanding.

- Good investigative series in censorship.